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Obviously Good is your one stop food shop for all things good in Sydney...obviously, from where to go to what to eat we have you covered. Want to know the cheap eats in your area? That perfect date spot? Or what to order when the menu is as long as the lyrics to bohemian rhapsody?? Chances are we’ve been or are going and we are here to give you the insider knowledge. It may be the opening of a new restaurant or revisiting some crowd culinary favourites, join us every Tuesday as we discover what’s good in food each week.

Meet the Team

Sweet Libby

It’s all in the name, Sweet Libby is really the sweetest of the three steering the vision and keeping it clean. Cracking numbers by day and whipping up decadent treats by night Libby is the only one of the three that has dipped their toe deep in the culinary world, most notably of which gracing the kitchens of Quay. Her Passion for food and business savvy mind will keep the trio out of hot water and onto the plate.

Buttery Bella

If you can get past the laugh you’ll discover this goldilocks is a force to reckoned with. While Bella battles in the kitchen and would much rather a meal prepared by anyone but herself she is never one to waste food and can bee seen doggy bagging crumbs all over Sydney. On trend but not on budget this clumsy gal will keep the podcast fresh and exciting dragging the trio to the ends of the earth in search for the best vanilla ice cream money can buy.

Spicy Bea

Telling it how it is Spicy Bea is here for the laughs and long lunches. A marketing guru by trade but closet foodie by nature Bea can’t wait to snap and share those insta worthy food shots. Raised in a large and loud family this babe isn’t shy of attention nor social situations and can be spotted out from dusk till dawn ripping up the dance floor. Her infectious energy and need for speed will be sure to keep this podcast anything but dull.


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